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Mumbai NGO Organises Event To Honour Cerebral Palsy Patients

Mumbai-based NGO ADAPT on Saturday, organised a special programme to celebrate and honour cerebral palsy patients and their families for their brave fight against the debilitating disease.

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects movement, muscles and motor skills. There is no cure for disease, only treatment options that can help patients live good lives. Cerebral palsy can lead to speech problems, learning disabilities and impaired vision and hearing.

ADAPT works extensively for people with neuro-muscular and developmental disabilities. Their mission is to influence and change public policy and opinion to create an inclusive, caring, disabled-friendly India.

The NGO organises a felicitation ceremony every year. This year, filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor gave away the awards. He has been associated with the NGO for more than 15 years. "When I come here, I realise how privileged, lucky and entitled I am," he said.

Founding chairperson of the NGO Mitu Alur said that seeing the organization grow was a very humbling experience. "When I first began, people had no idea about cerebral palsy. Now it is fascinating to hear many of them speak. There are so many that the organization and the movement has impacted."

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