Health & Nutrition Among all the sectoral interventions of the organization, health programmes hold significance on account of its outreach and diversity. Health programme has helped the Trust deepen and broaden its engagement with the community.

To address the issue or rapid population growth, the organization conducts sensitization camps on safe family planning, safe birth control measures, etc.

The organization conducts awareness activities on HIV/AIDS through community meetings, street plays, folk shows, etc. The organization sensitizes the communities on the importance of mother and child health with the aim to bring down the maternal and infant mortality rates in the catchment areas. Awareness is generated on the importance of institutional delivery, timely ANCs, PNCs, immunization, etc.

The trust organizes health and drug distribution camps for underprivileged communities.

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Shri B.A.Yadav Education & Rural Development Foundation Trust is a registered trust established in the year 2003 and working in the state of Gujarat. We have been contributing to community development for the last 16 years.

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